The DoubleWall Cleanroom system is our most popular design. This design is particularly suitable where:

  • Recirculated low wall air return is desired
  • Existing space has no air conditioning
  • Temperature and humidity requirements are very stringent
  • Cleanliness Class is ISO 7 or better

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DoubleWall Cleanroom Features and Benefits


  • Provides integral air return chase in wall panels, with variable depth to fit every requirement
  • Load bearing wall system with integral top deck provides self-supporting cleanroom structure
  • Complete perimeter air return provides minimal wall and raised floor depth requirements
  • Variety of cleanroom compatible wall skins, with baked enamel over aluminum as standard
  • Integral air return window panels provide unlimited window placement opportunity
  • Non-progressive design allows removal of individual panels and easy future expansion
  • Fit and finish second to none


  • Complete mechanical design and installation is provided
  • Mechanical systems are designed to meet the needs of each individual project. Split DX, chilled water, and packaged units are applied as appropriate
  • Low energy consumption is a priority in the design and selection of the mechanical systems
  • Negative plenum design provides a zero leak ceiling for life of the room


  • Control systems can be simple or full featured as demanded by the project particulars
  • We offer PC based graphical interface systems for those projects demanding response at the touch of a mouse, with full recording and trend analysis for all controlled parameters


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