[row] [span4] Solectron inside

ISO 7 cleanroom for a major multinational contract manufacturer, with 40 ft clear span, dedicated HVAC, 100% perimeter low wall air return, removable panels for future process equipment moves
[/span4] [span4] houston

ISO 6/7 for viral therapeutics manufacturer, with seamless wall and ceiling system, walkable ceilings for top side maintenance access, 100% single pass airflow
[/span4] [span4] Lam 020

ISO 5 electronics manufacturing DoubleWall cleanroom with SingleWall removable panels for future equipment
[/span4] [/row] [spacer] [row] [span4] Hitachi Etch area

ISO 5 semiconductor cleanroom with flush ceiling, bulkhead mounted process tools, raised floor return, multizone zone HVAC on the self-supported top deck
[/span4] [span4] Doors and windows

Doors and windows for customer viewing, flush details inside and out
[/span4] [span4] 789

ISO 5 electronics component manufacturing cleanroom with integral top deck and ceiling mixed air plenum, with future process tool openings and self-supporting top deck in open warehouse setting
[/span4] [/row] [spacer] [row] [span4] DSCN1706

Coved corners when appropriate for life sciences cleanrooms
[/span4] [span4] tables

ISO 7 cleanroom with integral crane rail and black-out window covers for industrial high-purity components cleaning and packaging

[/span4] [span4] singleWall 01 sm

Viewing corridor at a life sciences cleanroom facility utilizing both SingleWall and DoubleWall systems.

[/span4] [/row] [spacer] [row] [span4] singlewall 3 sm

SingleWall systems with clear walls provide flush finish features in the cleanroom while affording an open view for customers and regulator inspections.
[/span4] [span4] single 6 sm

Back side of SingleWall system inside a conditioned host warehouse setting.
[/span4] [span4] cone bio 010 sm

Softwall frame with clear vinyl panels secured on all sides to form semi-rigid enclosure.
[/span4] [/row] [spacer] [row] [span4] large soft 3 sm

High bay ISO 6 softwall with large self-supported span for semiconductor tool component fabrication and assembly
[/span4] [/row]