Our SingleWall Cleanroom design is particularly suitable where:

  • A “step-up” in appearance & cleanability compared to a softwall cleanroom is needed
  • Positive or negative room static pressure differentials are important
  • Combined with SoftWall or DoubleWall system for a “hybrid” design
    provides full function at reduced cost

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SingleWall Cleanroom Features and Benefits:


  • Modular wall framing with powder coated steel and aluminum
  • Smooth, durable cleanroom finishes
  • Solid, clear, or PVC wall panels available
  • Self-supporting with long spans available
  • Integrated door & window framing for clean appearance and maximum visibility


  • Available negative return air plenum design for absolute leak-free ceilings
  • High reliability fan powered HEPA units with available room side replaceable filters
  • Room static pressure monitor gauges with cascading static pressure between rooms


  • Factory wired, quick-connect power cords for HEPA units and lighting for quick & easy power connections
  • Available factory installed wall outlets


SingleWall 02
SingleWall 04
SingleWall 05